SSPOCR is Optical Character Recognition example. It will help us to read text in an image. Now a days there have many OCR libraries are available in the market. Main are  OpenCV, Microsft Azure, Tesseract ..etc.

In this SSPOCR example we are using Tesseract library, Its an open source library.

Tesseract Library in WinDev:

First i tried to use tesseract library directly in WinDev. Unfortunately it was not working. So i created a dll in Visual studio as windev.dll. In this windev.dll we are passing  image and it will return the result as text. So we can directly use this windev.dll in our any WinDev project.

Note: Tesseract library will not give 100% result. it will based on the image clarity and text clarity. For better result we can do several image recognition process over the image and then pass to tesseract library then it will give more accurate result

You can download test project from  below

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