Have a mind blowing business Idea?  I can help you to make different platform applications. For faster software development am using an easy and powerful 5th generation language: W-Language with PC Soft products WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile. These tools not only makes quality software's in short time but highly efficient solutions for tough tasks. When in need to create a software for different platforms the best way is to use PC Soft products. With these products user can easily migrate a desktop application to Web and Mobile applications. Total of over five plus years experience in PC Soft tools,the clients numbers are increasing rapidly with  France ranks at the top as  their most software developments are doing in PC Soft tools. Backed up and packed up with powerful database with in that are HFSQL Classic and HFSQL Clien/Server. In addition, am providing website Designing in lower cost as per user requirements. The Web application developments are  in WebDev which provides maximum security and more user friendly experience. To know more about me click here.
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Most developers are specified in single language and which will support in a single platform. I am using PC Soft tools. So i can easily develop multi platform software's.
Desktop Application
I am using the fastest development tool WinDev for development. While being powerful and flexible, it allows  to control the applications at the deepest level possible. I know how important an application in a business.I will analyse all your requirement and give a prototype before starting development. You can easily understand the work flow of application from the prototype itself.Supporting OS:Windows,Linux
WEB Application
In order to give quality web applications am using WebDev. How complicated your idea, it will be easy for me. As compare to other competitors i can give the best application to you within time frame. I can give an exact time frame for the development before starting itself. For web application i have secured database HFSQL C/S. We can host this as public and use anywhere in the world also we can use LAN network. Our web applications will support all advanced web browsers.
Mobile Application
The best thing in my development is am developing single application for Android,Windows and IOS. all other languages we need to develop separate applications for Android,Windows and IOS. I am  using WinDev Mobile for development and HFSQL classic as database. As like multiple platform we can use single database for Desktop , Web and Mobile application. All developments are done in PC Soft products and using same language
WebSite Development
In website designing i am  using wordpress. I am giving full support on domain purchase, hosting and SEO. Website fully customise for customer needs. Both static and dynamic websites are creating. Different packages for website designing. It depends upon your needs.
Training in WinDev,WebDev and Windev Mobile. We have our on training materials and different courses offered by understanding your knowledge. Mainly we are providing WinDev basic training and Advanced training. For more information about courses and estimation you can contact us.
I can give support on all applications i developed without any extra charges.For existing WinDev, WebDev or WinDev Mobile projects also i can  give supports.You can consult for any help related these projects. For any kind of support you can contact me and i will give quick reply.
PC Soft Tools

WinDev Components

To make WinDev developers difficult task to easy am developing different useful WinDev Components. It will be pleasure to know your suggestions and feedback's.

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You can contact me on my mobile or in email. Also you can reach me thorough my social networks.
#155, Omkar Nagar, Arekere Bangalore, India
E-mail: shijosp7@gmail.com Phone: +918606077455