SSPLicence is a windev external component which helps your application to limited access. When we are developing applications we need to give demo versions to Users. After using certain time of period then only they decide to buy your application or not. For managing these things we will provide you an external component – SSPLicence. You just need to add this SSPLicence component to your project.

If the user is in demo version, before loading your application SSPLicence component will show a window.

User can give registration request from this window. Once the user is registered then they can directly load into the applications.

SSPLicence – Features

  • Detailed clients report : We can easily trace all clients and there status.
  • Custom modules ( We can set permission for each version like hide controls)
  • Support all versions from WinDev 17
  • Multi-language (English, French)
  • All important details are encrypted using Crypt.
  • Custom Messages
  • You can easily customise the details like Demo Days, Project Name etc
  • When a user request for Registration or Extra Days you will get Email Notification.
  • SSPLicence will support to change the application location: Registered users can move there existing application to new location.
  • Keep all details in an external server

SSPLicence Component have two versions:

SSPLicence Basic : This version can use only in single project (150 Euros)
SSPLicence PRO : This version can use in any number of projects (350 Euros)

You can download SSPLicence demo version from below 

For help  SSPLicence Help.

Please read help file before starting. You can use demo SSPLicence in any project.Demo version is just for testing it will expire in one day after installing a project with demo SSPLicence.

To use SSPLicence component an external database server is required. SSPLicence support MySQL and HFSQL servers. We are providing MySQL database server with SSPLicence Basic version.

You can download SSPLicence PRO version from below. To run  SSPLicence PRO version you need a “KEY”.

For any queries feel free to contact.